For CPAs or accounting firms
SICO - Accounting is a tool that allows you to get information to generate financial statements and ledgers.

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Sico Accounting

SICO - Accounting is comprised of the following options:

  1. DOCUMENTS: Purchasing Record, sales records, Journal entries.
  2. CASH / BANK: Cash Control, bank book, bank conciliation, and so on.
  3. INVENTORY: Inventory transactions, Inventory valuation and Stock balance.
  4. REPORTS: Balance Sheet, general ledger, journals Simplified, General Ledger, Cash and Banks Book, etc.

Features SICO - Accounting:

That helps you

Account Plan

The account plan supports up to ten digits. We use the sub accounts as analytical, so you can get in detail the sub-transactions. Define the self-generation accounts according to the criteria of the counter.

Purchases and Sales Record

Allows the entry of Purchase and Sale documents for the issuance of the respective registration. It is prepared according to government regulations. The screens are made so the entry of this information can be done by a person without knowledge of accounting.


The system enables foreign currency transactions; you can use a particular exchange rate to the transaction or the average exchange rate of closing.

Cash Control

Allows the recording of incomes and expenditures of cash, so we can get cash report. These receipts are automatically issued to cancel a previously registered document.

Checking Accounts

Based on the analytical or sub-accounts, the system allows you to remove the transaction of a customer or supplier.

Exchange Adjustment

The system allows you to create the entry of Exchange difference for all accounts of monetary origin. Generates two entries: one for balances and other for transactions.

Annual Accounting Closing

At the end of the annual period the system can generate annual closing entries such as: Paying off the expense accounts, Profit for the Period, closing books and opening balances.

Accounting Reports

t allows to obtain the following reports: financial statements, general journal, trial balance, general ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash and Bank Book, Balance Sheet and Profit, Inventory and Balance book, Destination / Nature expenditure Nature  / Destination Expenditure per Cost Center Expense

Annual Accounting Closing

Allows creation of up to 999 companies.

Accounting Reports

Export your reports to Excel with a click

The requirements to use SICO – Accounting are:

Data Server:

  • Pentium IV or higher, 2.4 Ghz, 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 2000 Server operating system or higher, or LINUX CENTUS, SUSE, RED HAT or higher


  • Pentium III or higher, 1.0 Ghz, 512 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or higher