Do you know how much do you expend by contract?
SICO - Contractor will provide the information you need NOW! And you don't have to wait until the information is collected from different areas

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Sico Projects

SICO - Contractor is a comprehensive software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) designed to improve control of your services and operation cost by contract.

SICO - Services includes the following modules or areas:

  1. CONTRACTS/PROJECTS: Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Purchases Registration, Expenses Control, Cost Center expenses, Commercial bills, etc.
  2. INVENTORY: Stock Control , transfers between warehouses, Cost of Sales, cost-valued Stocks, and so on.
  3. PURCHASING: Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Purchases Registration, Expenses Control, Cost Center expenses, Commercial bills, etc.
  4. SALES: Billing, Accounts Receivable, Registration of Sales, Collection Control, Commercial bills receivable, Sales per Customer, etc.
  5. TREASURY: Bank account management, payment to suppliers, Cash Flow, Petty Cash management, Journal registry and so on.
  6. ACCOUNTING: Balance Sheet, General Journal, General Ledger, General Journal Simplified and other accounting statements.
  7. PAYROLL: Salary slip calculation, wages and deductions, taxes, bonus and benefits, profit sharing, etc.

SICO - Projects Features:

that help to

Create your Projects

The system allows you to define what type of project is going to be performed (investment, real estate, etc..) Which can detail the characteristics, start and finish date, budget, etc.

Project Budget

Allows you to set the budget to be used in a given project. You can create different sub-items and group them according to your needs. Allows expansion and redistribution of the budget if required. You'll get a report comparing budgeted and actually executed.
Control de Requerimiento de Materiales
The different requirements of different areas that affect a project, the system allows you to control these orders, from purchase to delivery. We know the amount of materials used for a given project.

Project Expenditures

You can distribute the costs to a project such as Transportation, snacks, etc., and control them with the budget, the system will send an alert message indicating we are exceeding the amount allocated for that entry

Cost Table

You can see in one report the flow of purchases, labor and expenses between the incomes of a given project and see the percentage of financial progress and profit percentage.

Inventory Control

You can register exits from the warehouse and assign it to a project, so we get the amount of material used. The  entrances are controlled with the Purchase Order.

Tracking Products

Check the entrance and exit of your products and check immediately where they are. Get product information when below the minimum stock for immediate replacement. Get a detailed history of a product and know what documents were issued when entering or exiting the warehouse.

Check your Purchase

When issued the Purchase Order, the System enables you track it, so you know if the provider has dispatched all or part of the requested. Avoid purchasing in excess and keep track of it.

Warehouse Reports

The following reports: Current Stock, Kardex Units, Valued Kardex, Warehouse Transactions, Cost of Sales and Valued balance, etc.

Know who owes you and how much

Just registering the sale you can get a current account of one or all of your customers immediately, without closing processes.

Sales Record

Learn immediately how much tax you have to pay without waiting your accounting report. Also you can use it as an official Book for government agencies.

Follow-up Collection

Get immediately the cash income of and monitor the efficiency of collections. Rate your customers according to form of payment and assign them a credit line.
Order your purchases
It allows you to issue Purchase orders. Document to control the entries to the warehouse and the entry of the supplier invoice. Avoid typing errors and value your products with this Purchase order.

Control your expenses

Enables you record all business expenses (electricity, water, telephone, etc.) And know how much your monthly expenses are.

Know how much it is  owed

After entering the documents of Purchasing and expenses you will obtain a current account payable. Know how much it is owed within 30, 60 and 90 days and project your cash flow

Purchasing Record

Learn immediately the tax paid in order to determine your tax credit without having to count. You can use it as an official document for government entities

Purchasing Statistical Reports

Enables you get the following statistic: Purchase per product, Purchase per vendor, monthly purchases, monthly expenses, etc.

Payment Control

Based on the Account Payable allows you to make payments from the current account and generates a control in banks in case of payment with check. Learn how much, haw and who have paid in a given period.

Bank Statement

Keep track of the bank statement and get your real bank balances. Bank reconciliation by comparing your banking transactions with the bank statement. Keep track of bank transfers.

Tracking Bill of Exchange

Check the Bills of Exchange Payable and Receivable. Know in which Bank they are. Learn the status of each document. Allows you to renew the bills of exchange.
If your staff makes trips or performs a specific commission, assign them accountability and monitor its liquidation. Know where and how the money assigned was spent.
Petty Cash
Avoid the chaos of minor expenses using Petty Cash

Cash Flow

Based on the information of Banks and Cash system allows you to get cash flow performed. Know how that income and spending their money.
Automatic Accounting
Based on an accounting matrix that the accountant defined previously, the system automatically generates accounting entries. These entries can be checked before their definite pass to the final accounting.

Exchange Adjustment

The system allows you to create the entry of Exchange difference for all accounts of monetary origin. Generates two entries: one for balances and other for transactions.

Asset Control

Allows keeping track of fixed assets and generating their respective depreciations. It can also keep the revaluation of assets, and keep track of expenses.

Annual Accounting Closing

At the end of the annual period the system can generate annual closing entries such as: Paying off the expense accounts, Profit for the Period, closing books and opening balances.

Accounting Reports

It allows to obtain the following reports: financial statements, general journal, trial balance, general ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash and Bank Book, Balance Sheet and Profit, Inventory and Balance book, Destination / Nature expenditure Nature  / Destination Expenditure per Cost Center Expense

Personnel Control
Prepare payrolls and obtain information for government entities. Learn how much you have to pay your workers and keep control over it.

Create your own formulas

The system allows you to create your own formulas for calculating your payrolls. Simply create your concepts and combine them with addition and subtraction. Avoid dependence and maintain the formulas by yourself.

Loan your employees

You can keep track of the loans to your workers and the system automatically deducts them from the payroll or payrolls defined previously.
Create your own reports
Based on the different concepts developed previously, the system allows a simple way to define the different columns the report must have. You can then print it any time.

Payroll Reports

Obtain the following reports: Payment slip, Payroll Summary, Results from cost centers, payroll detail, wages and deductions, and so on.

Client - Server Integration

Automate your company integrating it into a single server and that its areas can access and update information through the NETWORK

Export Data

Export your reports to EXCEL with a CLICK

Automate your Format
You can set your own invoice and ticket formats without modifying the software
To use SICO - PTV it is required:

Data Server:

  • Pentium IV or higher, 2.4 Ghz, 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 2000 Server operating system or higher, or LINUX CENTUS, SUSE, RED HAT or higher


  • Pentium III or higher, 1.0 Ghz, 512 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or higher