Take care to your customers faster
With SICO - Point of Sale your customers will be served faster and YOU will get the information you need NOW! Without waiting until the information is collected from different areas

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SICO - Point of Sale

SICO - Point of Sale (POS) software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that wants to offer fast service to its customers (gas stations, supermarket, fast food, fast food, etc.).

 SICO – Point of sales includes the following modules or areas:

  1. INVENTORY: Stock Control , transfers between warehouses, Cost of Sales, cost-valued Stocks, and so on.
  2. PURCHASING: Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Purchases Registration, Expenses Control, Cost Center expenses, Commercial bills, etc.
  3. POINT OF SALES: Billing, Invoices, Tickets, etc.
  4. CASHIER: Cash Allocation, Opening Cash, Cash Settlement, etc..
  5. REPORTS: Sales Record, Cash Sales, Vendor Sales, Profit per product, profit per document, and so on.

SICO – Point of sales:

that help to

Inventory Control

Create your warehouses locations and every time your sales orders are registred it will automatically reflect your inventory balance, allowing you to obtain immediately the Stock balance and most importantly get the amount of cost-valued inventory at any time. You do not have to deal with cumbersome closing processes monthly.

Barcode Management

It allows the registration of a product with multiple bar codes for products with different backgrounds.


You can manage and assign a cashier and even assign specific dates and times of access. Cashier control shifts.

Cash Control

Get immediately the incomes and monitor the efficiency of the point of sales.

Warehouse Reports

The following reports: Current Stock, Kardex Units, Valued Kardex, Warehouse Transactions, Cost of Sales and Valued balance, etc.
Statistical Reports
Allows getting the following statistic: Sales per Product, Sales per Cashier, Monthly Sales, Products Ranking, etc.

Client - Server Integration

Automate your company integrating it into a single server and that its areas can access and update information through the NETWORK

Export Data

Export your reports to EXCEL with a CLICK

Automate your Format
You can set your own invoice and ticket formats without modifying the software

To use SICO - PTV it is required:

Data Server:

  • Pentium IV or higher, 2.4 Ghz, 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 2000 Server operating system or higher, or LINUX CENTUS, SUSE, RED HAT or higher


  • Pentium III or higher, 1.0 Ghz, 512 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or higher